Why do Cats Sleep So Much?


Why do cats sleep so much?

This question will be the great talk around us who have cats at home. We can see that cats love sleeping too much. They can sleep twice more than humans do. For your information, cat’s sleep time is also varieties. It depends on their size, age, and temperament. Usually, the average time of their sleeping is about thirteen till sixteen hours per day. They also spend times about 2/3 of their days for snoozing.

Well, the cat’s tendency for sleeping still becomes the mystery. There will be more studies held for taking its answers. So, do you want to know more about this great discussion? If you want to know about it, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about it here. Let’s find out your best reference on this article!

Why Cat Needs Much Time to Sleep?

Well, cats need much time to sleep because their natural habits. One thing that can make us understand is about crepuscular animals as the cat’s characteristics. In other hand, cat will be more active during dusk and dawn. Besides that, many owners expect that their cats prefer to sleep in a day. They think cats use nights for hunting cats. In fact, cats wake up much in the morning for hunting their targets. Then, they will use night as their best time for sleeping.

Crepuscular habit of cat comes naturally from their hunting habit. As we know cats are kind of predator animals that love hunting small animals like rats and birds. Besides that, cat’s preys are more active in the morning. After that, they will disappear when the sun goes down in the evening. Well, if cats are not hunting their prey, they will take nap’s plenty. So, besides sleeping, cat also takes a nap.

The Sleeping Pattern of Cats

Nowadays, most of cats live indoor. The pattern of their sleeping is also influenced by their owners. There are some conditions that influence their sleeping pattern. For example, if their masters are far away of day most, cats will take this time for sleeping. In other hand we can say that cats use their boredom time for sleeping. Why so? It is because they don’t have any attractive friends to play with.

Well, if you face the cats that love sleeping at night so much, you have to make them active during the day. It will be the best situation for you. If you don’t have much time to play with them, you can give them interactive toys. It will make your cats move around.

For your information, cats also have certain schedule that they stick with. Well, if you find weird habit of your cats in sleeping, you can take it as serious problem. If they seem sleeping too much more than on usual habit, they may not have stamina for waking up around. Then, if they sleep less in a day, you can also take them to veterinarian. Finally, those are all discussions about why do cats sleep so much?