Turtle Care: Must-Have Turtle Tank Accessories

Each type of turtle has its own specific requirements. Since these animals were never designed to become conventional pets in the first place, the least you can do is to try to recreate their natural environment in the space where you’re going to setup the aquarium. Turtle tank accessories are important, both for this purpose as well as for the easy maintenance of your pet’s home. Turtle tank accessories are designed to help pet owners to take care of their turtles in the most convenient ways possible. They also work to make turtles feel more comfortable with their relatively unfamiliar environment.

Temperature adjustment

You can probably consider turtle tank accessories as spin-offs of the original amenities found in nature. For instance, a UV lamp offers the same heat intensity as the sun’s rays. Turtles are known to bask in the heat of the sun every once in a while. Studies show that this heat helps develop stronger shells. Lack of sunlight tends to cause the carapace to grow brittle which is not good for the turtle. Turtle tank accessories such as this also help the reptile acclimatize itself with its new environment. Remember that turtles are cold-blooded animals and as such, their body’s internal temperature is dependent on their environment. It’s important to have a UV lamp on hand to help them adjust their temperature into levels that are safer.

Filter and maintenance

One of the many turtle tank accessories that you should invest on is suitable filters. These systems make it easier for you to maintain the cleanliness in your pet’s aquarium. The filtration system ensures that your turtle is not exposed to chlorine that is typically found in treated tap water. These turtle tank accessories are considered the heart of your whole setup so never skimp on this system. As a general rule, you will want to get a filtration system that is twice that of what you would normally use for a similar-sized fish tank.

You can choose from among three types of filtration systems for turtle tank accessories – underground, submersible and external. External pumps are relatively more expensive than the other two but they really make for efficient filtering systems. They do have superior filtration capabilities and are highly recommended among international turtle pet owner communities. However, if you want to go for a cheaper alternative that is just as effective, it’s better to consider a submersible system. These turtle tank accessories are suitable for beginner turtle tanks. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid using underground systems because these turtle tank accessories have to be setup under gravel which should not be installed in a turtle habitat in the first place.

The bigger the filter, the less often you are going to need to clean it. Make sure to take the time to clean your filters regularly and rinse all separate components and turtle tank accessories properly. These installations will help you take care of your turtle but can also pose safety risks if they are not properly maintained.