A Terrapin’s Guide: How to Take the Best Care of Your Pet

Terrapins are reptiles and are often kept as pets. Unlike turtles, terrapins are pets that are best suited to people who would rather watch the animal than handle it. Terrapins are smaller than turtles and have a much lighter shell. They also have webbed feet, since they spend so much of their time in the water.

When you are considering getting a terrapin as a pet, there are a few things you will need to make sure your terrapin is healthy and happy.

First, get a good, informative terrapin guide. These books will provide much information to help you in the care and treatment for your pet. Your terrapin’s guide will end up dog-eared and worn from the number of times you’ll reference it during your pet’s lifetime.

Your terrapin’s guide will provide the needed habitat information. Terrapins require a lot of room, so if you are going to keep it indoors, you need at least a 60 gallon tank. This tank will require a wet and dry area. Since terrapins are so fond of the water, be sure there is a deep enough area for your terrapin to swim in. You will also need something in the water that your terrapin can climb up to relax.

Terrapins are unable to regulate their body temperature internally. You will need a source of heat, such as a heat lamp, so they can draw the warmth they need from their surroundings. Ideally, the habitat should be kept between 70 and 80 degrees to keep your terrapin healthy. Be sure to think about your terrapin if you experience a power outage. Your terrapin’s guide can provide you with alternatives if this should occur.

Your terrapin’s guide will give you all the information needed for a healthy diet. Terrapins are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and vegetables. Some of the foods your terrapin may enjoy are mealworms, pieces of chicken or fish, fruits like tomatoes or bananas, and vegetables like lettuce and carrots. Cuttlefish bone will provide a good source of calcium for your terrapin. There are also food sticks that may be purchased at your local pet store. Check with your terrapin’s guide to see what specific nutritional requirements are needed.

Your terrapin will also need fresh water daily. Since water is such an important part of a terrapin’s life, you need be sure it is clean and filtered. Your terrapin’s guide is a great source of information on how to set up a filtered watering system. Be sure the water your terrapin swim in is changed frequently as well.

Terrapins can make great pets, but only if they have the proper care. While you will undoubtedly have questions about your terrapin, your terrapin’s guide will be able to provide most of the answers. Be sure you keep your terrapin safe from any other household pets you may have and keep small children from picking it up. Terrapins can bite, so you need to exercise some caution when dealing with them. As long as you give your terrapin a comfortable habitat, a good diet, fresh water, and keep them safe, your terrapin will give you years of enjoyment.